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The Restaurant, Bar and Catering Workers Branch meets on the last Monday of each month at, Unite House, 128 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London WC1 X 8TN

Meetings start at 5pm and usually finish by 6.30pm

Next schedule of Meetings

Monday 26th Feb

Monday 29th March

Monday 30th April

Do work in a hotel or restaurant which operates a tronce system for the distribution of tips? If you do take our survey.
Tronc are supposed to be independent and free from employer influence. But too often the troncmaster is a senior manager appointed by the company. In many cases it is a 3rd party consultant taking a chunk of service charge to carry out the employers wishes.
TGI Fridays are the subject of a current tronc dispute bas...ed on the following
1. The troncmaster is a senior member of the management team
2. He was appointed by the company with no staff involvement whatsoever
3. The tronc committee elected by staff has not met or been consulted for 18 months
4. The tronc master has made a decision to allocated 40% of tips to the kitchen without consultation or agreement from staff
5. The troncmaster has refused to resign despite a 3 figure vote of no confidence in his conduct by staff
6. The company claim they are carrying out the troncmaster's decision but refuse to allow the staff the right to pursue a formal complaint about his conduct
If this sounds like the sort of issue you are having in your tronc please take our survey.