Time to get Organised

Get active!
Get organised!
Get recognised!

Being an individual member of the union offers many benefits as well as support when you have problems. But getting organised with your work colleagues is really what being in a union is all about.

A trade union by its very nature is about helping workers to take ownership of the issues they face in the workplace so they can find collective solutions to collective problems.

We are always ready to support members who want to take that all important step towards building a strong union presence in their workplace or company. Making the union strong leads to winning union recognition, electing workplace reps and negotiating better pay and conditions! 

There are three routes to getting your employer to agree to recogntition.

Firstly, if enough staff are in the union they could be pursuaded to enter into a voluntary agreement.

Secondly, if over 51% of staff join there is a legal process which enables us gain legally enforceable recognition.

Thirdly, you could achieve recognition on a minumum of 10% membership and a petition or pledge cards showing majority support from the rest of the workforce. A secret ballot would need to be held and your employer would be legally obliged to honour the outcome of that ballot. During the ballot period your employer would be legally obliged to allow the union full access to your workplace.