Make every issue you face a collective issue

Almost every issue you face in the workplace is likely to have a collective element to it, whether it is money owed for hours worked, unfair allocation of tips, bullying, safety conditions, running short staffed and a host of other examples.

Trying to deal with these on an individual basis can be both frustrating and risky.

But turning your individual problem into a common issue with the other staff in your department or workplace can have much more of an impact. It might be easy for an employer to ignore the single voice of one person but they can't ignore a a couple of dozen voices if they are all saying the same thing and sticking togther.

We can help you to compose, submit and present a collective grievance, as well as providing a trianed rep to accompany you. If the initial stage of the greivance process does not produce a favourable outcome we can help you to pursue an appeal.

We have developed a guide for collective grievance action, which we will issue at the start of the process so everyone understands what is involved.

Remember - Unity is Strength! 👍