National Miniumum Wage - by law your employer must pay this.

21 and over = £6.70 an hour

18 to 20 = £5.30 an hour

Under 18 = £3.87 an hour

Apprentice under 18 = £3.30 an hour

Accomodation offset = if your employer provides accomodation they can deduct a maximum of £37.45 from your minimum wage

National Living Wage = £7.20 an hour - new rate for anyone over 25 from April 2016

Contract Pay = the hourly rate written in your contract - could be higher than the minumum but can't be lower

London Living Wage = £9.40 an hour (voluntary rate which your employer can sign up to)

UK Living Wage = £8.25 an hour (voluntary rate which an employer outside London can sign up to)

Negotiated hourly rate of pay. This is a rate agreed between an employer and trade union following collective bargaining. A better deal all round for workers. One you get to vote on. Where a union is recognised an employer must legally provide union members with full details of company accounts, pay costs and staffing levels.

Tips can't be used to make up your legal minimum. Unite changed the law to make sure this can't happen any longer.